Why Should I Use StudyUp?

To put it simply, StudyUp is the best way to manage review, and take care of your study notes. It
keeps you organized, productive, and happy. It's also a great way to study socially and meet new
students. Not sold? Here are a few of the reasons why StudyUp is your new favorite study buddy.

  • 1. Type out or upload class notes, then
    share them with your Study Buddies.
  • 2. Meet and network with students
    studying in similar fields.
  • 3. Access your notes online from
    anywhere and at any time
  • 4. Keep class histories for easy
    reference when reviewing for exams.
  • 5. Search StudyUp to find friends and
    then add them to your network.
  • 6. Get instant updates from friends
    and students posting new information.
  • 7. Search for notes in any field and
    view as many as you like.
  • 8. Create, manage, and join study

What Can
StudyUp Do?

By joining StudyUp you'll gain
immediate access to:

  • Unlimited free space to upload all
    of your school notes.

  • All notes are searchable by profes-
    sor, date created, course subject,
    year of study, and term of study.

  • The Study Feeds section, where
    you can post notes for you Study
    Buddies to discuss.

  • Instant notifications when new
    notes are created.

  • The chance to meet real students
    in similar studies from all around
    the world!

What Does
StudyUp Cost?

StudyUp is 100% free. There is
no "catch" here. You will never
have to pay for our service-
never, ever, never.


After all, you're already cash-strapped
by your studies. And because StudyUp
is free, you'll have more money left
over for textbooks, late-night burritos,
and Friday nights.

Who Made

StudyUp's founder noticed
two very important things
while attending University.

  • When studying, it pays to be or-
    ganized. This means keeping all of
    your notes in a single, easily accessi-
    ble place.

  • It also pays to have a lot of
    friends that take good notes (and
    are willing to share).

The result is StudyUp, a free service
that uses social media tech to make
studying a little less painful.

StudyUp Mobile
is Available for
iPhone and Android.

Click to download
StudyUp mobile.

Ready to Try StudyUp?

Join Now

It's always free and anyone can join!

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