Albion Online - Albion Online - Albion Online & Royal Continent: Good Entry Point For New Players

Albion Online is a real sandbox, where everything in the world is truly driven by the players themselves. The entire economy is based on player crafting items and selling them on the markets, all crafting stations are also built and maintained by players and even the food and other consumables in the game are farmed initially. It's easy to get cheap albion online gold for players.

We believe that there are many players who are looking for an MMORPG where they can decide what will happen in the game world and what their role within that should be. That’s also one of the reasons we decided to have classless characters, which means that players are not limited to one type of character at the beginning of the game already. 

Good Entry Point for New Players
The Royal Continent is the place where every adventurer starts their adventure in Albion. It is important to give beginning players a safe environment to start the game, where they learn how to harvest and refine resources, fight mobs, and get to know people. Afterwards they can try their first hand at PvP and eventually transition to the Outlands where they join a guild and enjoy large-scale warfare. It's pleased that cheap albion online gold for sale.

There will be five different starter towns, one per biome. Each town will be fairly close to the city of their biome, and offer free travel to other starter town via harbors.  If you want to enjoy the fast delivery and 100% security of Cheap Gold, then you can buy cheap albion online gold. It will be helpful for you to play the game smoothly without getting banned.

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