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As first time parents, you’ll quickly discover that the moment fashion kids clothing free shipping news of your pregnancy reaches everyone, or that baby bump becomes obvious, everyone will want to share everything they know about parenting with you. Don’t worry; it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by all the well-meaning advice – all new parents do! There is a lot to think about when you’re about to start a new family.
To get you started, here are some basic pointers to help you think about your role as new parents.
Your parents influence your parenting

Your parenting style will be influenced by your parents; regardless of the methods we hear, read or know about. In the end, we tend to subconsciously look back to our own childhood for our fundamental parenting ideas. We tend to recreate all the things we liked about it and put right all the things that we disliked as we bring up our own children.
Prepare your finances for a new addition

Of course having children will change your lifestyle and household budget. Think about every stage of your child’s life – from newborn until the day they leave home – and project as best you can what new expenses you will incur.
Don’t overspend on your newborn

The excitement of bringing home a baby for the first time will drive you a little crazy about what to buy for bub. Remember that your child will quickly outgrow the things you buy for them in the first few years of their life so consider each purchase carefully.
Start a savings account for your child

The best way to teach a child about money is by example. If you start a bank account for your child when they are a baby, you can use it to show them how money can grow and teach them the value of saving over time.
What sort of person do you want your child to be?

Not what occupation he or she would take on, but their values and attitudes in life. Have an idea of what type of person you’d like your child to be for example, generous, community minded etc. Also give thought to spiritual or religious beliefs.
Your child’s first role model

You are your child’s first role model. Know yourself and be yourself, be aware that you are your child’s first role model and thus the most powerful influence over their early years and development.

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