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It’s the most fun-filled time of the year fashion kids clothing free shipping , when families come together and start planning for their next summer getaway, only to make it more exciting than the previous one. And, if you are looking for a holiday beyond the country, we’ve listed down the top 5 getaways around the world to help you play your summer away.

Pandora, Disney World

It is said to be the land of avatars, the one that celebrates the magic of nature. Located within Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park in Orlando, this exotic place offers a transformational experience of a lifetime. It is filled with expeditions for all ages, and adventures like the Na’vi River Journey where you glide through the bioluminescent rainforest and get a sense of wonder while it reveals the beauty of this place. Don’t miss a walk through The Valley of Mo’ara which offers an adventure to hike through the floating mountains and uncover one-of-a-kind dining and shopping experience. This is a place that HAS to be seen- to be believed!
2. SanDiego, California

If you are looking for more of a power-packed summer getaway, San Diego is a place to go! This place has an incredible number of theme parks, beaches and bays, casinos (for adults) and hundreds of tours for sightseeing. The Seaworld San Diego is a must-must-visit place to enjoy every bit of the thrilling and exciting experience this place has to offer. Even an entire day’s time is short to enjoy this theme park entirely. Enjoy the most of it, while you’re there!
3. Botswana, Africa

If animal safaris and wildlife experiences are on your bucket list, then Botswana in the African continent is the place for you. This place has an endless number of safaris here, the best one being the self-drive safari at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. It has an experience of its own. Also, the Mokoro Ridein Okavango Delta is a must-do! Mokoro is small boats to get around shallow waters and as close to the wilderness as possible.
4. Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s busy capital, Tokyo, is a fusion of neon-lit skyscrapers and historic temples. What makes it even more interesting is the city’s remarkable landmarks and its vibrancy which you’ll find in every other street of this modern city. Famous for its museums, theaters, festivals and internationally noted cuisine, this metro city’s topmost tourist attractions are The Imperial Palace, which is surrounded by 17th-century parks. The Ginza district, which is nothing less than a shopping paradise. Finally The Sens?-ji Temple, which is the city’s most famous shrine dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of compassion.

5. Bahamas

Though this place has a perception of a honeymoon-ish getaway, you would be surprised with what this place has to offer for kids and families. Activities like boating, snorkeling, horse riding on the shores or finding treasures on the beach, along with family-friendly resorts offering tons of entertainment for kids, specifically the Atlantis aquaventure resort which has waterparks, your kids will never want to come out of. This place is perfect for families looking for a laid-back island getaway. While your kids are making that perfect sand castle, you could enjoy beachside pampering or just bathe under the golden sun, sipping onto the chilled colorful cocktails.

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