people of Replica Cartier jewelry the goddess of Mercy In order to make the family harmony

What is the meaning of the leaf pendant to wear a leaf pendant
In the hearts of the people, the lotus represents the purity, the plum represents the noble, the orchids represent the good, the bamboo represents the elegant, can be said that one of the world's leaves is beautiful, even the trees on a small leaves have endless good It is good, but easy to wither, for the sake of this beautiful, people will shape the leaves of the leaves into a pendant, so that the beautiful meaning of the leaves pendant forever.
What is the meaning of the leaf pendant?

The guanyin more kind, male more irritable, so the man wear Guanyin more meaning to alert herself to be calm, and so on, so that the people of Replica Cartier jewelry the goddess of Mercy, In order to make the family harmony, the cause of the heart, the man wearing Emerald Guanyin not only because the Goddess of Mercy can protect the peace and harmony, but also because the Goddess of Mercy can make men self-cultivation, hold a peace of mind.

Second, the golden branches of jade leaves, to describe the beautiful branches and trees, in ancient times, the princes will phase of the daughter of honor, homes, if the United States as angels, such as gold as jade leaves, so many men dumping, people use gold leaves to describe aristocratic women. With the development of society and the passage of time, Jinzhi Yu Ye, has gradually become a noble, beautiful, wisdom of the synonymous with women. So the woman wearing Hetian jade pendant, meaning the golden branches of jade leaves, you can drip their elegant and beautiful, beautiful and moving.

Third, Yushu Linfeng, described as Yushu like graceful, beautiful and varied. In Du Fu's "Drink Eight Immortals in the song," wrote "were chic juvenile youth, the beginning of white eyes looking blue sky, Jiao as Yushu before the wind". It is often used Yushu Lin Feng to praise the handsome man, So the man wearing Hetian jade pendant is not only the device is more gentle and gentle, strong and vigorous in the show.

Four, open branches and leaves, to describe the lush foliage trees. Since ancient times, people are very important family prosperity. And the number of descendants directly with the rise and fall of the family, so people want children and grandchildren, more blessed. The luxurity of the trees is what people want, so people like to wear Hetian jade pendant, pray for open branches and leaves, children and grandchildren.

Five, great cause, to describe the cause of success, step by step, people in addition to the pursuit of happiness and well-being, but also the pursuit of personal career smoothly. In the Chinese culture, "leaves" homophonic "industry", which leaves also known as the cause, people wear Hetian jade pendant, pray for a successful career, step by step.
Wearing a leaf pendant on behalf of the meaning

1, the leaves of the diamond pendant, is his best wishes for her, hope her future days, you can make life full of tension, which is what I most want to tell you, maybe its pendant is very ordinary three leaves, this He gave her wings. But if you love her, it is better to turn her wings and take her to a happier place. I know you can bring her happy people, only you only.

2, the majority of Hetian jade leaves pendants are female friends to wear, which has the meaning of golden branches of jade leaves, but also represents the wisdom and beauty of women, no matter when they are wearing, are able to highlight their own noble temperament. And Xinjiang Hetian jade itself has a very good gloss, with the shape of the leaves can also better outline the effect of the overall leaf pendant.

3, girls wear leaf pendants more, the meaning is the golden branches of jade leaves, on behalf of the girl noble, beautiful, wisdom, a symbol of life, hope, honor, success and other significance, is the traditional Chinese culture in the positive meaning of the collection.

4, boys also wear leaf pendant, "leaves" homophonic "industry", it is "great cause" meaning, to describe a person career success, to step by step.

5, if the leaves and Ming cichen clever combination of leaves and Ming with, "Ye" homophonic "night", "Ming" homophonic "name", meaning the short term on the fame, gives hope and motivation. Similar to the leaves and monkeys, bats and other combinations, which "monkey" homophonic "Hou", meaning "overnight seal Hou"; "bat" homophonic "blessing", meaning "blessing overnight."

Emerald leaf pendant for what crowd to wear

Young people wear - emerald leaves full of vitality, vigorous vitality and hope of life characteristics, not only the performance of young people strong life, vibrant quality, but also to adjust their love impulse personality, make up its warm introverted temperament.

Elderly wear - emerald leaves rounded and transparent, full of aura of the characteristics of the elderly have seductive function, can make the elderly full of spirit, evergreen, stretches endless.

Women wear - emerald leaves forever crystal clear, beautiful and charming features, can make a woman always beautiful, ice and clean, youth infinite.

Men wear - emerald leaves positive, tenacious struggle, stable atmosphere of the characteristics of the men can play a positive and progressive, hard work, to the success of the implied role of the mind, to help its career success, step by step.

Patients wear - trees and leaves through the wind and rain attack, the sun dew nourish, can tenaciously grow, never yield to retreat. Emerald leaves of the tenacious vitality of the fate of non-yield characteristics, can bring hope for patients and Reiki, get rid of the disease, people early to restore health.
Speaking of diamond pendants, many female friends will be fantastic about the dazzling word, because, to have a beautiful diamond pendant is every woman's dream. The young little girls always dream of what day a Prince Charming will be a most dazzling diamond pendant hanging in his neck. When the summer comes, fade thick clothes, reveal graceful posture, nature of the United States to make the United States so that every beauty lady want to show in this summer to show their own unique temperament, with more attention to the eyes The What is the meaning of the pendant?
The meaning of the pendants

Diamond Pendant: ?Beginning? series of pendants, Zuo Kayi will be the classic heart-shaped jewelry interpretation of a more romantic temperament, elegant, unique details, and have more space level. When the time dilute all, I still have a romantic heart for you. Not only understand your joy to know you sad, more carefully prepared for your surprise and gift. Accompany you, romantic, slowly getting old.

Amethyst: the development of intelligence, calm mood, improve the intuition, to help think, focus on reading power, increase memory, enhance interpersonal relationships, giving courage and strength. On behalf of Gao Jie Jian of love, often as a couple of lovers. Amethyst in the West also represents the "love of the guardian of stone", can give lovers, husband and wife between the deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.

Pink crystal: can develop heart rounds to promote emotional development of precious stones, can help the pursuit of love, grasp the love, enjoy the love of precious stones. Help to improve interpersonal relationships, enhance popularity, and recruit students interested in the door to do business the best tool for the service industry. Can help in-depth heart, find self-awareness.

Tea crystal: to promote the development of renewable capacity, so that wound healing faster, enhance immunity, activation of cells, to restore youth, the effect of rejuvenation. Can help business analysis and master the ability to help enhance the taste. Especially the absorption of turbidity, the best effect of evil. Strengthen the seabed round, so the male sexual function has a significant effect; for women, but also to mediate blood gas, the effect of women's disease has a strong effect.

Dave Buddha pendant what pay attention to

Dave Buddha is a kind of desire for the good wishes of the people, hope that the power of God and Buddhism can bless themselves and their families; but Buddhism does not particularly agree with Buddhism Buddha statue, in the Buddhist scriptures also did not reveal this practice. So did not see the decent monks wearing Buddha ornaments. For the purpose of respectful, wearing a Buddha in the best in the intercourse, to open the place to take off is appropriate; In addition, the love of Buddhist culture with the Bodhi hand string, Leng Yan curse pendant to replace the Buddha jewelry is also very good.
Abacus is our ancient Chinese calculator, from the Song Dynasty has been found, there is a saying saying: "abacus a ring, gold million", that is, the Japanese into the bucket of gold, so people put their calculations in order to plan carefully Material carving, carved on the screen above, in addition to Lucky treasure into the auspicious, but also warned future generations to be thrift. Abacus is used in many jewelry, abacus pendant what meaning.
What is the meaning of the abacus pendant?

Meaning one

Since ancient times, abacus is always used to count, but also because of this, abacus is also used by the Chinese people to implicate Lucky treasure, abacus pendant, but also this meaning.

Meaning two

Abacus pendant, meaning careful planning, meaning will be considered over life, things have a minded person.

Meaning three

Abacus shape square means "square line of the world, as the sea table", like a person's style of work straightforward, refined and rigorous, there is the king of the wind, bead round brilliant spirit of the character carefully,

Meaning four

Abacus pendant more with the strategizing, control the meaning of heaven and earth. In the feng shui on the abacus commonly used in banks, shopkeepers, commercial trade, finance, finance, public servants and other people prosperous wealth, can play the role of double income.

Meaning five

Count pendants can be placed in the normally open drawer, or hanging in the doors and windows, bookshelf for Lucky Wang Cai, of the evil people, in addition, if the door or the window against the poles, the formation of "six evil water" The owner must also immediately at the door or window hanging a plate pendant to resolve it.
Wearing a roulette on behalf of the meaning

1, on behalf of the rich mascot.

2, since ancient times, abacus is always used to account, but also because of this, abacus is also used by the Chinese people to implicate Lucky treasure. For example, among the Chinese people, people often hear the "golden abacus", "iron abacus" like metaphor, described, of course, "count is not out" of the smart.

3, the female with a dial pendant is estimated to have "palm financial power", or "smart", accounting professional friends that "God operator" means.

4, since ancient times, abacus is always used to calculate, but also because of this, abacus pendant is also used by the Chinese people to implicit Lucky.

Can children have a gold medal pendant?

Not suitable, one is easy to be bitten by it, the second is easy to be robbed, the child is suitable for wearing silver bracelets, the other do not, not suitable, too now, easy to move dangerous.

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