safe and healthy, disease-free imitation Cartier love bracelet disaster lapis lazuli is the most popular lapis lazuli jewelry

Lapis lazuli bracelet wear taboo to wear lapis lazuli to pay attention to what
Green stone is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, often wearing green stone jewelry can be safe and healthy, disease-free imitation Cartier love bracelet disaster, lapis lazuli is the most popular lapis lazuli jewelry. Then wear lapis lingerie to pay attention to what? What are the kinkins bracelet wearing taboo? Let's take a look!

Green stone bracelet wear taboo

Green stone bracelet wearing taboo 1, in the shower or do housework as much as possible do not wear lapis lazuli to avoid water, shower gel, detergent and other chemicals along the lignite fine lines to the internal penetration, damage the quality of lapis lazuli itself, Lost the original color and the natural spirit that it possessed.

Green stone bracelet wearing taboo 2, green stone jewelry stained, must not be soaked with water and rinse. Because lapis lazuli is a granular collection of minerals, if the water is soaked and rinsed, the dirt on the surface of the gem will penetrate the interior, so that it will change the original luster of lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli bracelet wearing taboo 3, lapis lazy in the process of wearing the need for regular demagnetization, because the lap stone for a long time to wear, will absorb negative energy. 1 to 3 months of purification once even open the need for regular cleaning.

Lapis lazuli bracelet wearing taboo 4, lapis lazy to wear when to avoid high temperature and high fever, natural lapis lazuli different color, this is unique beauty, this beautiful color in high temperature and high fever environment is likely to subside Oh , So be sure to wear away from the high temperature and heat.

Green stone bracelet wearing taboo 5, lapis lazuli can not be exposed. Lapis lazuli is easy to lose the original spirituality after exposure, and will lose the original blue, making the color fade, loss of luster.

Wear lapis lingerie to pay attention to what? Above Replica Cartier jewelry the inventory of the lapis lazuli to wear taboo, there are lapis lazuli bracelet friends to pay attention to what Oh!
King Kong Bodhisattva hand string need to wear, but in the process of wearing it is easy to enter the dust and dirt to the Bodhi child, this time you need to very carefully cleaned up. So how did King Kong Bodhisattva clean up? Here to introduce the King Kong Bodhi hand string clean method, we can refer to!

King Kong Bodhi child how to clean up

How does King Kong Bodhisattva clean up?
"To be good at work, we must first of its profits," how to clean up the King Kong Bodhi child before the need to first understand the need to clean up the tools used by King Kong Bodhi. Mainly steel brush, King Kong clean crochet, black bristle brush, white bristle brush.

King Kong Bodhi child how to clean up - detailed steps
After cleaning up the tools of King Kong Bodhi child, the following steps to learn how to clean up the King Kong Bodhi child:
1, the infusion of Bodhi into the basin, the water almost two fingers so high. Soak for half an hour. Half an hour later, you will find some King Kong Bodhi will float up. Some sink to the bottom.
2, the floating up to pick up the King Kong, these floating is the bad guys. Density is too low or empty mind. And so on, these bad guys do not have any disk play value. How to deal with you.
3, will sink at the end of the Bodhi Zi continue to soak in the water, and so about 10 hours. So that the dirt inside the King Kong will be softened.
4, the initial clean up the King Kong Bodhi, this time you need to clean up the steel wire brush, and first with a brush just a brush, the King Kong Bodhi surface dirty things brush down. (At this time do not have very fine brush, it is only about brush it)
5, with King Kong clean crochet, the King Kong Bodhi gap inside the dirty things loose (do not have a little bit of cleaning with crochet dirty things to pull out, just loose things can be loose)
6, dirty things loose, and then brush the brush again, this time the loose dirty things will be brush out. But there will be more stubborn inside the gap.
7, hard brush with a hard bristle brush, not afraid of brush will be brushed bad.
8, with the toughness of the larger white hair bristle brush and then brush again, this time King Kong has been almost clean, if you still feel clean enough to repeat the above steps!

King Kong Bodhi child how to clean up - precautions
Know how the King Kong Bodhisattva how to clean up the detailed steps, there are some considerations need to understand.
1, steel brushes do not use copper wire brush, because the copper wire brush may fade, the King Kong dyeing is not good.
2, after cleaning King Kong Bodhi do not, on the sun below the dried, or dried. Hair dryer can not dry.
3, King Kong Bodhi to dry, that is, wrapped with toilet Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica paper, on the drawer. Not the wind without light. Otherwise King Kong Bodhi is easy to crack.
4, King Kong Bodhi can not be on the oil, olive oil, peanut oil, walnut oil can not, a touch on the King Kong will be black. At that time looked very good to see, but no way to disk finished. Can not play that kind of sauce red.

How does King Kong Bodhisattva clean up? The above describes the tools to clean up the King Kong Bodhi child, detailed steps and precautions, we hope to help!
Bodhi child price
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Bodhi child variety, different Bodhi child prices vary widely. Bodhi child prices generally in the tens of dollars to more than 10,000 yuan, it is said that a good Bodhi child can exchange a car. A Bodhi child in general 4 yuan to 40 yuan or so. It is expensive to be expensive.

What is the four famous beads of Bodhisattva?
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From the above types of Bodhi Daquan we know that the type of Bodhi is a lot. One by one to introduce is certainly not possible, the following is a brief introduction to the four famous beads of what is the four kinds of beads, by the way about the four famous Bodhisattva price:

Bodhi four famous beads refers to the four most famous of the text of the hand string, the four kinds of Bodhi child were Xingyue Bodhi, Fenghui Bodhi, King Kong Bodhi, Kirin eye Bodhi. Of course, one of the most popular is Xingyue Bodhi and King Kong Bodhi. Their price is close to the people, the disk play the most obvious effect, change fast, beautiful appearance, in the past for a long time, or even longer in the future, will be the darling of the players.

Xingyue Bodhi: Xingyue Bodhi is the son of the bodhi tree. Each grain has a big point and many small points such as Zhongxingpengyue, named Xingyue Bodhi. Exorcism to avoid evil ability, can increase auspicious.

Eichhornia Bodhi: Eichhornia Bodhi is a kind of Bodhi child, because the buds, such as head, solid said "phoenix Bodhi." King Rinpoche has been talking about the use of phoenix eye Bodhisattva rosary can make recite the merit growth of ten million times. Fungi Bodhi Buddha is one of the most respected Buddha and pearl species in Tibetan Buddhism. In Tibetan Buddhism, Bodhi Buddha Buddha refers to Fenghua Bodhi Buddha.

Jincheng Zi Bodhi: Jinsangzi According to the Buddhist book by the introduction of the tree that is the knot of the tree, but also that is the son of the tree, is very expensive. King Kong, was extremely hard, all-conquering, can destroy all the power of evil. Tantric practitioners practicing King Kong need to use the diamond beads. King Kongzi wear the body, exorcism to avoid evil strong, can increase auspicious.

Kirin eye Bodhi: Kirin for the animal leader, deer body, body with a Lin, the head has a horn, auspicious auspicious. Kirin eye Bodhi than the longan Bodhi is also rare, is by the blessing, to help enlightenment, nursing line on the top of the product Bodhi child.

What are the types of bodhi Above describes the type of Bodhi Daquan and Bodhi four famous beads, we hope to help!

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