Different occasions for Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry quality

Jewelry worn and collocation principle:
1. To consider the overall effect: in general, the whole body jewelry best don't more than three, unless to the party.
2. Garnish with be good at flexible: with changeless should be flexible to change, choose the ornament of ornaments can coordinated with all kinds of clothing styles, improve the decorations of the applicable functions.
3. Pay attention to the characteristics of itself: jewelry worn to pay attention to take care of the body itself factors, the size of the hair style, and coordinated, face, skin and clothing.
4. Pay attention to the different situations: wear jewelry, with their environment, occasion. Different occasions for Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry quality, style, form different requirements, therefore should adopt different ways of reasonable wear.
5. Pay attention to the seasonal wear jewelry: generally speaking, due to the different season, the decorations of the texture, color, form, and wearing a trade-off of requirements are also different.
6. Pay attention to the traditional habits: custom jewellery should pay attention to all over the world, and traditional concepts. People in different areas, to the quality of a material of jewelry, the color have different preferences.
7. Not much and miscellaneous: wearing earrings, had better not to wear a brooch or bracelet, because it is relatively dull, fitted with lubricious series of necklace or ring is the best.
8. The best complete sets of purchase: under the condition of economic permission, when buy necklace, best buy his color system or at the same time with the texture of earrings, bracelets, so that the match line to use.
9. Pay attention to the overall coordination collocation: the types of jewellery and varied in form, in various decorations and wear method, to consider both the man and the environment, and to consider the overall effect, be aware that the relationship between various factors. Coordinated collocation, proper ornament, can have the effect of wearing jewelry.
Five, jewelry knowledge is introduced in detail, and the true and false identification: 1. To identify true and false platinum: true platinum jewelry manufactured metal platinum. Metal platinum also called platinum, chemical symbol for Pt, proportion is 21.45, mohs hardness of 4.3. The same volume of platinum and imitation Cartier love bracelet, silver, precious metals, platinum heaviest, quality of a material is the most hard. Due to less natural reserves, mining more difficult, chemical stability, platinum is metal material is more precious than gold. Platinum jewelry fine texture is a bit hard, not easy to wear and tear, color to light gray and white color light elegant, bright lasting, long time with not black. Really have a seal on platinum jewelry, this is the main logo. Seal mainly includes the following contents:
Is a jewelry quality, quality of a platinum jewelry, and the results show that there are two kinds of, have a plenty of Pt in English, have a plenty of Chinese "white gold";
Second, jewelry, platinum jewelry, such as "99", said the platinum content is 99%;
Around three is jewelry production, production of jewelry enterprise has its own unique seal, this is the same trademark, and other industrial products, is an essential part of the first act the role ofing is tasted, never allow the fake fake, because it is both producers and consumers identify. Confusing and true platinum jewelry mainly stainless steel or silver jewelry. Stainless steel jewelry with platinum jewelry, new grey color, luster and bright. But its colored in white, shiny hair, also not durable, easy to wear. Silver jewelry texture is soft, is easy to wear; Weight is lighter, the color is silvery white, golden white than white, with long after dark easily. In addition, look from the seal, stainless steel jewelry with no sign or seal the blurred, silver jewelry seal and seal of platinum jewelry is different.
2. The authenticity identification of gold: main varieties of gold jewelry rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, etc., when the choose and buy gold jewelry must first identify its authenticity, the method is:
Weight is a phase modulation, gold ornaments compared with the same volume of Cartier love ring replica metal accessories, the weight of the gold; 2 it is to listen to the sound, throw gold fell on the ground, and make "poof" noise, low levels of pronunciation clear light brittle;
Three is to look at the color, luster enduring gold ornaments, high gold content of red ornaments, bad for yellow;
Fourth, hardness test, ornaments of gold, the higher the more soft, with a stiff needlepoint, have obvious traces of; Mark fuzzy gold content is low,
Five is a hand bending, true gold soft, bend with the hand, easy bending is not easy to break, and the colour difference adorn article is easy to bend not easily broken;
Six is with fire. Use fire to burn ornaments, gold resistance to burn, fake gold will lose its luster after burn, and even become a dark purple. Seven is the acid test. Gold does not dissolve in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, and other metal met three acid changes;
3. In the identification of jade, jade produced in Asia, the delicate and charming and beautiful green, fine texture, by southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao, Japan and mainland China consumers love, is considered to be the top grade of the jewelry. In fact jade also there are several kinds of noise, such as white, red, black, green jade for the real thing, of course. High quality jadeite is bright like a limpid bright blue green. Jade translucent or opaque, smooth and bright, there is a natural formation of the irregular color piece in green, said the source. Inside a tiny grain or a fibrous or plate shaped or a star point, flash light, this is the emerald green jade, is what many imitations does not have, is a sign of true and false judgment. Many gems in the green, but cui sex is jade's unique characteristic, the whole piece of jadeite full-bodied in cui sex, charm and chic.
Hisui specific gravity of 3.3, hardness of 6.5 to 7. False jade has two kinds, one is in low green gems, such as the Australian jade, green jade, agate, dongling stone, henan, etc.; Another kind is the glass. Undervalued gem, jade green flash yellow in Australia, the whole piece of jade color uniform, colorless, no brittleness. Henan with gray jade green, uniform color, no obvious source of color and color shape and specific gravity is 2.65, less than the jade. Dongling, dark green, the color shape is dot, in the green scales in flash. Artificial dyeing agate, green agate is the green flash blue, color uniform, no emerald green, glossy and exquisite texture, specific gravity is 2.65, less than the jade. Green light green glass, hardness of 5.5 ~ 6. Unable to create impressions on glass, and jade can be.
4. Diamond identification: to identify the quality of a diamond, usually look at its color, weight, clean degree and the cut surface can express the characteristics of light. Consider whether a diamond worth buying. First condition is the diamond not been set. Because after a Mosaic of gem grade will not be able to accurately identify them. Different kinds of Mosaic, can make the diamond looks more white or yellow dark than it is; And set the scratches on the, more hidden flaws in diamond. Diamond is the hardest of the natural gem originally, but in the Mosaic or disassembly, if the power is not accurate, is enough to make diamond edge is damaged, affect the value. If the diamond has been arranged, when buying, remember to put the diamond is removed when appraisal and to facilitate more accurate appraisal of its sound, texture and value. Dirty diamond will yellow light. Generally, semi-annual put diamond special cleaning fluid, in supersonic washing machine to clean, to keep its luster. If at least clean appraisement of diamonds. After disassembling and cleaning, and to identify the diamond grade and color.
If put the diamond in the sunlight or light yellow watch, diamonds sparkle, bright is dazzing. And accurate method is to put the diamond in pure white without uv light, with 10 times the magnifying glass look carefully. When the choose and buy a diamond, only by the naked eye to identify, it is not easy to judge. A round diamond cut diamond grinding from mesa can be put into the light reflected in large quantities. Impossible, therefore, the following can be seen from the top is defective, only through the bottom tip to watch. This outsider to note. The American college of gem diamond on the colour and lustre is divided into several levels: D to F colorless, namely jiujiu, prompt color; G to 1 level close to colorless, are top grade; And below level 1 as a light yellow or pale yellow, namely nine below five colours. Perfect belongs to grade one in terms of quality, the S1 level extremely analyzes, S2 is secondary, analyzes and the texture of diamond is worth buying and collecting.
5. Identification of ruby: natural stone "ten red nine crack", none of the flaw and crack a rare natural ruby. And synthetic ruby color is consistent, the internal defects or less crystalline inclusions, clean, block is bigger. As a precious gem, more than 3 carat natural ruby on the market is very rare, if encounter a large body of ruby, must pay attention, because natural ruby one thousand times higher than synthetic ruby value, slightly a negligence, will be "medicine". From www.ourlovestore.com

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