communicate with chengchan craft art of opportunely Cartier love bracelet replica

Piaget earl of top class gem flagship store, heping road no. 7, Paris - Piaget earl new senior jewelry series - "Secrets & towns - A Mythical Journey by Piaget yee illusions tour", carry forward the glorious history of the silk road, praise more prosperous cities along the ancient silk road and its splendid culture. After the first quarter of A Mythical Journey yee magic trip back changan and India style, new series with two legendary ancient capital - Venice and samarkand for inspiration, to its abundant cultural treasures, architectural and creativity, and into the realm of the PIAGET earl, imitating the two artisans, communicate with chengchan craft art of opportunely Cartier love bracelet replica.
PIAGET earl global senior jewelry store address heping road no. 7
Heping road no. 7 - Piaget earl of top class gem flagship store with grace and warmth decoration, invite the people experience a rich culvert contemporary flavor, not the store can provide the magic of travel. Since 1874, Piaget earl family to share brand made from thick inside information, advanced tabulation technology of deep and has good senior jewelry dual skill nourish the Piaget earl brand spirit temperament.
"The dream becomes real, palpable create reflects era style has always been Piaget earl classics brand DNA, is also the core of the reason today road no. 7. The opening is not about the brand of heping road 7 whether to further expand the flagship store layout, it can reflect Piaget represents a count family intrinsic passion and enthusiasm of special field" -- Piaget earl global philippe leopold-metzger, chief executive of Mr (PhilippeLeopold - Metzger Cartier love ring replica) for the flagship store down the road 7 notation.
One of the famous land of legend
Heping road no. 7, here has given rise to Paris in the future will be famous haute couture clothing, "the father of order uniform", Charles - FredericWorth in between the walk on the fabric scissors. Since it opened in 1858, Worth of luxury salon to become the world's wealthy elite gathered in the fashion centre. Its legendary not far, is still in, Piaget earl will from this moment sequel to its contemporary legend. In Atelier Sasha architects architects Christine Querlioz aesthetic sense, this square covers an area of 510 square meters, across the three millennium of sanctuary, to borrow from each such as massive real estate compartment layout, the inherited from the past glory of magic, spread to every guests to arrive.
A consistent brand value from

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