But EBERHARD & Co. has many Cartier nail bracelet replica display panel will boldly processing into a line design

Hydroscaph Steel GMT; King kong watchcase, the diameter of 49.6 mm; Cal. C606 automatic movement; The reciprocal of rotating hour meter circle; The second time zone display; The dial 6 a display panel is equipped with energy reserves
CORUM (kunlun) - if indeed there is "a recruit fresh, eat day", CORUM (kunlun) is "a recruit fresh". Jinqiao table, it is the most typical feature of it, is the place where the display extraordinary mechanical creation capability. Into the mainland between short years, has a lot of fans. As is known to all, the same number of mechanical parts, must be minimized and the thinnest is the most challenging, CORUM (kunlun) jinqiao mechanical movement not only small, and present a straight line design, very special, and the collocation of transparent crust, the exquisite art will appear in front of people. Nearly time to watch the auction, jinqiao to the drill table with high price, top and demanding collectors applause is gradually ring to it. In 2016 new jinqiao automatic movement, but also will be the most primitive slide up and down automatically to pick up the structure, make the dispersion time again. Improved jinqiao, titanium metal bridge design, chic movement, the modern style of watch case, necessary become stars of wrist.
Table data:
Golden Bridge Automatic self winding Golden Bridge; 18 k red gold case, the size of 37.2 mm X51.8 mmCal. CO313 automatically, swing frequency, 28800, 40 hours power reserve; Crocodile leather strap with the needle; Limited 130 red gold MEDALS
If you like to watch, you have to know that EBERHARD & CO. Watches in the world, there are a lot of innovation on the dial layout of the bold innovation, called Chrono 4 -- EBERHARD & Co. alley. Common stopwatch layout, all have particular, distribution area, move can not; But EBERHARD & Co. has many Cartier nail bracelet replica display panel will boldly processing into a line design, which dial, vision is bold and be clear at a glance. As hour meter movement style, it not only has the design and elegant type, and extremely version of the car - it is a kind of meaningless of pleasure. Of course, there may be what you don't know EBERHARD & CO., it is very early launch eight days power watch brand.
Table data:
Chrono 4 Geant Titane 1887; Ref. 37060; Titanium watchcase, 46 mm diameter; Cal. EB. 250 automatic movement; Set limit to 1887
GIRARD PERREGAUX - (girard-perregaux)
Know watches have a function? Call the tourbillon. Is constantly myth. Who knows the tourbillon, must know what are the three golden bridge the tourbillon, because that is the most beautiful classic tourbillon, three golden bridge spans the layout, with extremely use up costly; Know world function? Know, you should know WWTC, this is the most classical works of the world watches. This is GIRARD PERREGAUX - masterpiece (girard-perregaux) comes along, and may even know that used to shake the world of opera series, that kind of clock process peak height, as the snow of Kilimanjaro camp stool. Late GIRARD PERREGAUX - (girard-perregaux) words matter Luigi Macaluso Sir Once said, we're not going to do Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica large size watch, I think that kind of watch is not comfortable, we will not go with the flow - this is a man who knows how to respect for tradition, stick to their top brands.
Table data:
1966 Small Second; 18 k red gold case, diameter of 40 mm. Cal GP03300-50 automatic machine core, 32 stone, swing frequency 28800 46-48 hours power storage; Crocodile leather strap with buckle gold needle
The function of the brand is not complicated, it follows that is the essence of time, is the essence of the watch. Watch, wear comfortable, the modelling inside collect, moderate size, it did, and do better; Watch as accurate, durable, it also made it, even to do better. About half a century ago, Japanese watchmaking with electronic watch knock in Switzerland, today, they brought the mechanical watch, once again make half a Swiss watch candidly admit defeat. And its top watch brand CREDOR (expensive), to concentrate the Japanese aesthetic consciousness for the concept, into the Japanese culture of vocabulary, such as Yin and Yang, bamboo and plum blossom, and the production of each watch, whether parts grinding, machine assembly, or carved gold, inlaid decoration process, also is having the technical level by the list of equipment is complete, is unique imitation cartier love bracelet among the altar table, become the first choice for many collectors collection table. This table shows, the brand from Japan's Tokyo headquarters were specially a enamel watch, let many watch lovers in Oriental style. The technology for wire inlay enamel, coloured drawing or pattern of Japan's colorful scene on the dial, lively design with eyes bright color charm, line 2, 4, 7 elegant time scale, and carrying case 6890 ultra-thin manual chain on the two pin type machine, is different from the European brand of enamel watches, in the traditional arts and enamel by excellent tabulation technology combination, perfect wonderful present exquisite and elegant beauty, attract the altar table attention!
Table data:
CREDOR (expensive) enamel; Wire inlay enamel dial, the diameter of 36.5 mm and 7.9 mm thick; Cal. 6890 manual machine, the diameter of 24.0 mm, thickness 1.98 mm, 22 stone; The crocodile leather strap

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