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On FIFA 18 there is a lot of money to be spent. To do this, simply use a resale buying system at the Millionaire FUT.

Money, money always money! Especially in the world of Football, money makes happiness. He is the one who allows you to buy the best players before the others, to create your own team of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. This mode allows you to compose your own Rooster of players, but also to manage them and sell those that are in excess. And that's what we're interested in here with FIFA 18 coin generator.




With this technique, it is very easy to pass 500,000 credits, with only a budget of 20,000. After this level, it is better to switch to another method, which will be explained later. Here we will only speak to you about the technique "FUT milli" which will allow you, through the system of purchase reselling of the players, to make you money very quickly.

If you wish to do this technique, a little advice before. It will work very well right now, because it's still the very beginning of the game . There are going to be a lot of newbie players who, perhaps like you before reading this article, will sell great players at a discount. So this is the time to jump on the opportunity.The more players will advance in the year, the more experienced they will be.And so, the less the Millionaire FUT will work with the Fifa 18 free coins.




Here, the goal is to buy players at the lowest possible price. Concentrate on the most famous, those who participate in the known competitions. League 1, Liga, Premier League, Calcio A and Bundesliga. But never buy players who cost more than 10,000 credits. It would not be profitable. Instead, give priority to quality.Selling two players to 5,000 will be more profitable than selling a player at 9,000 but you can own them all with Fifa 18 coins hack. Finally, focus on the players Gold and rare the cheapest when it comes to . 

Once you have in your rooster at least 50 players, you can have fun. Or not.Because this technique requires a little patience. For a player you bought between 0 and 6000 credits: sell 900 credits more than the purchase price. If it is more than 6000 credits: sell 1300 credits more expensive. Repeat the operation every hour, and buy back the lists you sell in the stride. So as to always have players on the market.

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