These infographics improve the accuracy of information given in an essay and ease skimming and scanning of an essay that contains them. This further acts to eliminate possibility of false and unjustifiable information from an essay. This information must be clearly presented in an essay so as they perform the prospected purpose. Wrong use of such infographics may turn out to mislead to the user of that essay. This shows the essence of taking a lot of note while using those visualizations. These infographics can be written in an essay as shown;

  • Posting them at relevant points on an essay

            When writing these visualizations, they should be located at different points of an essay. This is to make them more conspicuous and relevant for the essay. When these infographics are used to visualize a paragraph they should be located on that same paragraph they are illustrating. This makes it easier to understand by comparing the information in that paragraph and that on visualization. By doing this it will make the essay more pleasant, admirable to read and even easier to skim. If these visualizations are wrongly placed on an essay, it may lead to confusion and contradiction, confusion and impossible for skimming.

  • The infographics used should be clear, simple and containing necessary information but not consuming a large amount of space

             They should serve a purpose of providing information on their own without necessarily being accompanied by the explaining paragraph. This calls for clarity and completeness on information they are conveying. This will make the one skimming to just read through the visualizations without even reading through the entire wording of a paragraphs. Though being complete with information, they should cover minimum space within the paragraphs they are explaining. This is to provide of compactness of the essay and avoid using many pages for the essay. The consumption of a few pages also encourages the reader to read through with ease.

  • Link the visualizations to a text

           While writing a text, at the point where it is necessary to add an infographic, they should link the text for easy identification and understanding. This is to avoid traces of information that should be linking being scattered at all parts of the say.  This encourages easy reading and verifying the information being communicated on the corresponding paragraphs. Through the easiness to verify this information, it increases the trust of the reader towards the essay. This makes the essay more popular among the users.

  • Each visualization must have a title, and a figure number which briefly describes its content

           These visualizations must be big enough in size, having a title and a figure number. Such information aids the readers who are scanning and skimming to get a relatively more of the basic information of the essay just from the visualization. This is mandated by the reason that people will always like to see what the graphic is just from the title. Though, the title written should be simple with a few words.

  • The visualizations must be relevant

                The visualizations that are applied on an essay should be relevant to the title of the essay or what a particular paragraph in that essay is explain. This is to avoid vague justification of information with a void graphic. This calls for the writer to check and verify the relevance of the graphic to use in relative to the information the essay is giving. By doing this, the competence of the essay becomes unquestionable and it easily serves the intended purpose of drafting. These infograghs should also be appropriate by not being for fun but passing the intended information.

  • Visualizations should come after the text to explain them

              These info graphs should come after the text that is explaining them and not before the text. This is for the purpose of allowing the reader of the essay to first get the information that the text is all about before getting the graphics to add more meaning on the text. This brings about flow of information in the essay thus making it more sequential and orderly. This stimulates the morale of the reader to easily go through such an essay with least time.

  • The source of this visualization should be acknowledged to avoid being accused of plagiarism

             After using these visualizations in an essay, citation becomes necessary to avoid this essay being presumed a mere plagiarism. This can be avoided by acknowledging where it was obtained from and the artist to it. Failure to acknowledge it may diminish the competence of the essay and discourage more potential users of the essay from using it. Citation will make this essay look more competent and original for use.

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