Step To Fix PS4 Can’t Connect to the Server within the time limit - games - How to fix the when PS4 Can’t Connect to the Server within the time limit?

A very common issue encountered by PS4 users is that PS4 is unable to connect to Wi-Fi within the time limit. Due to this, you might get a blue screen with the error stated on that. The connection times out when the server is taking too long to respond. To fix the issue, you can refer to the article.

Fixes for PS4 Wi-Fi connection issues

If you are unable to access your PS4 due to internet issues and you don't have any clue about how to fix the PS4 Cannot Connect to the Wi-Fi Network issue, try out the following fixes: 

  • You need to check your internet connection. If it is slow or not working, you can contact the service provider.
  • If the Wi-Fi is not working, you can try a wired connection. You can directly connect your PS4 with your router using an ethernet cable.
  • You can also check for the network status of the PlayStation. Sometimes it is under maintenance, resulting in the error.
  • Try rebooting the devices. You can unplug the cables for a few minutes. When you plug it back, your Wi-Fi issue might be resolved.
  • In some cases, upgrading the router firmware might fix the issue.
  • You can try using the DNS server manually. For this, you need to enter a DNS manually. it might fix the issue.

If the issue is still not resolved, you can contact the technical support of PS4. The technical experts will assist you with the troubleshooting steps and all other required info. To reach them, you can use the contact info on the official website of PS4. 


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