Mut 20 coins - Taylor Mays surfaced on the Mut 20 coins - Taylor Mays surfaced on the Mut 20 coins

If I recall correctly, Taylor Mays surfaced on the Mut 20 coins scene after someone created a GT of him because of his measurables. Ever since then Madden has loved him. When his GT pops something similar might happen with Zach Gentry.

Assuming you lost a game due to a Taylor Mays fumble that was forced? Ya I agree its kinda dumb but the community has ever adored him and hit electricity. No I just dont understand how such an op card can be made by them to get a bad player The hitpower is exactly my problem on this particular card. How can someone that forced 1 fumble during his livelihood force more fumbles than the man who actually gets the record for most forced fumbles in a single game.That's rather funny if he's only forced 1 fumble in his livelihood. Madden just does what it wants, but it team.

He just had one forced fumble but that isn't because he could not hit, it was because he had a lack of instincts. He must have hit power that is cheap Madden 20 coins great but his coverage stats should be lower. If this was a Campus Hero card I'd only expect 86 or lower zone based off he played but EA juiced his policy so he is exactly what he COULD have been. Because they screwed up by allowing him to get coverage that is universal. Without it his coverage is not that amazing. The issue is with the abilities on him. He's also good as an individual that's what is really critical for a user and since he is big and fast.

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