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Well, not over the sub-menus at least. Figuring PC players out may treat their inventory such as a Windows folderhold Shift tap on L-Ctrl to PSO2 Meseta pick them then click them to deposit or to select multiple objects. Gamers can accomplish this as well but at no stage did Phantasy Star Online 2 market this option was available. I want to reiterate that these UI and on-boarding issues are not deal-breakers, but they are annoying nonetheless and are well worth pointing out. If you're planning to play Phantasy Star Online 2 you better prepare yourself for excursions into the wiki.

If your plan is to test Phantasy Star Online 2 on an Xbox congrats: downloading and booting Phantasy Star Online 2 is as painless as you would expect. PC hopefuls, however, should avoid the Windows Store client in any way costs. Calling it a dumpster fire could be a compliment, as well as little under a month after launch the Windows Store edition of Phantasy Star Online 2 will refuse to run, can uninstall itself randomly, will absorb hard disk space with ghost files, and has a code error which results in the lobby to run like sexy ass on a summer afternoon in Florida.

Thankfully, ardent fans of Phantasy Star Online 2 happen to be playing on the Japanese servers for decades, and they developed a tweaker that allowed them to do this with minimal fuss.

Time will tell when Sega and Microsoft can acquire the official download in order, but till they decide to put Phantasy Star Online 2 in an infinitely superior store the PSO2 Tweaker is the only way PC players can appreciate Phantasy Star Online 2 without even wanting to throw their computer to a bonfire. It's unfortunate, and I'd wager good money a wholesome section of potential lovers ricocheted away Phantasy Star Online 2 due to Windows Store woes. Server population remains healthy since launch, but the servers were filled to capacity and I can not help but believe that the disastrous launch and with the roll in the decrease played.

If there's one last portion of Phantasy Star Online 2 I've taken umbrage with it is the story: the first couple of chapters are a slog of cutscenes that were disjointed that parade a wide cast of characters whom you'll barely connect with out. The entire event is really thrown together, although there is the mission attached to one or two it's hard to care about what's going on. It relies on anime tropes, so fans of cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta this genre will be more engaged with it than I had been, but it is apparent the first few chapters were tied together.

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