Introduction to Horticulture - Principals of Horticulture - Horticulture

I. Definition of Horticulture
Hortus="garden", Cultura="to cultivate" 

-------This field of interest of crops that require more intense and constant care, from seed to consumer. Such as fruit, vegetables, flowering, and ornamental species. 

II. Relationship of horticulture to its disciplines and other sciences and technologies.

-------As the majority of the population has moved from rural to urban homes, many people are completely in the dark about how their food is produced. 

III.  Horticulture in relationship to other agricultural fields
A. Horticulture falls under the broad scope of Agriculture. 
Agri="field", Cultura="to cultivate"
                           -------The applied science of growing and raising plants and animals.

B. Areas of Agriculture
1. Forestry- Culturing, utilizing, and improving forest trees and their products  (rubber, syrup, resins, oils) 
2. Agronomy- Culturing, utilizing, and improving field crops (grain, fiber, and forage crops)
Horticulture- Culturing, utilizing, and improving fruit, vegetable, flowering and ornamental species. 

C. Guidleines for placing crops into forestry, agronomy or horticulture 
1. Intensity of production 
2. Purpose crop is grown
3. Tradition or custom

  IV. Horticulture specialties 
A. Pomology
fruit and nut production
B. Olericulture
vegetable production and/or preserving and storing of horticultural products
C. Turf
production, care, and maintenance of grasses for lawns and golf courses.

D. Public Horticulture
i. Public Gardens: botanical gardens, arboreta, conservatories, parks. 

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