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Congress is bicameral.
That means it has 2 systems that make $174,000 annually
The House of Representativs
---------------These are representative of citizens' views. (Like taxes)
---------------Elected every 2 years on even-numbered years.
---------------takes about $1.1 million for a successful campaign.
---------------Representatives are based on population of state.
---------------95% get re-elected.

The Senate
---------------2 per state
---------------$5.6 million for a successful campaign.
---------------93% re-elected
---------------Serves a 6-year term

Incumbent- This means "currently in office". Money raised is the largest factor in determining success in campaign. Other factors that are important
---------------Stronger name recognition
---------------Easier access to media coverage
---------------Franking-free mail for gov employee
---------------Campaign contributions

Reapportionment- the reallocation of seats in the House of Representatives based on state population changes.

Redistricting- is the redrawing of congressional district boundaries within a state.
---------------based on reapportionment from the census.

Gerrymandering- the practive of drawing legislative district boundaries to benefit an incumbent, a political party, or some other group.


The Powers of Congress.
--------------Judicial Powers
--------------Economic Powers
--------------National Security Powers
--------------Regulatory Powers
--------------Administrative Powers

Primary source of congressional authority is the U.S. Constitution
The Congress is entitled to tax, borrow money, declare war, regulate copyrights/patents, regulate armed forces, govern district of columbia.

Neccessary and proper- Make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing powers, and all oter Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in a Department or Officer thereof.

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