We want to help you get better grades.

StudyUp.com is a brand new, free service, that allows students and teachers to store and share lecture notes online. With the Study Feeds feature, StudyUp allows you to share your learning and teaching experience with other students and teachers just like you.

Be a more efficient and effective student.

There is no better way to prepare for an exam than to organize all of your notes into a searchable database in the days that lead up to the test date. StudyUp allows you to study your notes anywhere, anytime.

Look, you never know where you will be when “exam crunch time” hits. Let’s face it, studying should be an option anywhere, anytime. It’s a proven fact that students who are better prepared get better grades. Be exam-ready. Be mobile. Use StudyUp!

Share with other great students like yourself.

StudyUp allows you to network with other students taking similar courses; in the same class as you, or across the world. You can also invite your school buddies, and begin sharing class notes following their study activities. No one likes to miss classes, but we all get sick from time to time. Never miss another day of notes, let StudyUp have your back!

Academic Integrity

Our mission at StudyUp is simply to help students and teachers optimize the learning environment. Cheating has no place within that mission, and StudyUp admonishes any such activity. As such, stealing and copyright infringement are protected against heavily within the systems that run StudyUp.

What People Are Saying About StudyUp.com

"It's free. Wow! You can upload notes live or after then go back to study them, or share them with others and you can find others who have taken that class and use their notes or whatever. It's a cool concept"

- Robby L - Student

"Did a little bit of work tonight with StudyUp.com, I think this website is amazing and only wish it was around for when I was going to school."

- Carly K - Mom

"I am going to pass this on to my teacher friends it seems like a really good idea"

- Brian G - Teacher

I do have to say the more I use this the better I like it. It is versatile and with the formatting options the lesson plans or notes can be emphasized to importance or an outline created. I will definitely let people know about this site.”

- Cheryl R

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